The Regera is all Christian promised it would be, and so much more

Sep 21, 2016.
The Regera is all Christian promised it would be, and so much more

So, a while ago I had my first real test drive in the Koenigsegg Regera. I got the chance to drive with Christian (von Koenigsegg) sweating in the passenger seat on both the airstrip and on the roads around Ängelholm.

The car was getting pretty close to what the end product will be like, a few niggles here and there, but I would say they are were at least 80% done with it already, so things are looking good for the ones that have one on order.

First of all, let me get the obvious out of the way: Yes, the performance is absolutely mindboggling. Having driven quite a lot of different hi performance hyper and mega cars, and let’s not forget 200+ HP motorbikes I am quite used to crazy performance… This however is on another scale… The Koenigsegg Regera produces a combined output of 1,11 MW / 1500 hp.

However, most impressive for me is the level of refinement the car has on offer, and the way it delivers its performance. The propulsion is super smooth and seamless, yet you always have instant performance on tap. It does feels like it can make the world rotate.

Handling wise it feels very confidence inspiring and planted. It certainly feels like there is a lower centre of gravity than on the Agera model, and it does feel a little heavier, but it still changes direction as if there was no inertia, and it delivers an amazing mix of plush and refined ride quality with virtually no body roll and seemingly endless amounts of grip.

I was worried that the lack of conventional gearbox would make it feel Uninvolving, but never once did I even think about the fact that there is no gearbox. Between handling the left paddle to control the regen/rear wheel torque vectoring braking and using the right paddle to rev up the engine to boost performance you don’t really have time to do much more, such is the level of performance on tap.

This really is a car i would love to use every day, on long inspiring road trips and the occasional track day. It’s involving and fun to drive, even when you are going slowly, and it is relaxing and comfortable when you want it to be. I remember Christian presented it as a Jekyll and Hyde type of car, which is exactly what it is.

The Regera is all Christian promised it would be, and so much more.

I’m truly impressed, for whatever that is worth, and extremely proud to have played a small part of it. The Regera is a masterpiece. A feat of engineering and dare I say art…?

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