Koenigsegg CCX


Mileage: 200 Km
Body Style: Roadster
Transmission: Manual
Engine Capacity: 4700
Fuel: Petrol
Chassis No.: #7056


This one of a kind delivery milage Koenigsegg CCX is a late version of the CCX model, which means it benefits from several upgrades compared to the earlier model CCX. It has the updated gear change mechanism, the beautiful Koenigsegg Chrono Cluster instruments and various other big and small updates. This is the only Koenigsegg ever produced in this exterior and interior colors, and it looks absolutely stunning! Even after the arrival of the new breed of Hypercars, the CCX still has very impressive performance on tap.

Granted you have to work a bit harder, but we would argue that is part of what driving is supposed to be like. The CCX provides a mix of refinement and rawness that is unmatched. It really is easy to drive, the chassis is very compliant, and it is very docile if you keep in the lower RPMs. Push it harder though, and you will unleash the fury. Truly hair raising performance, bags of mechanical grip, as very physical experience that every true petrol head should experience.

With prices on CCX virtually doubled over the last 2 years, and still on the rise we feel this is a very safe and fun place to put your hard earned money. The car will be delivered with a full service and all factory campaigns performed. 

You can find more information about the CCX here: www.koenigsegg.com/ccx/