Geneva International Motor Show 2017

Apr 27, 2017.
First of all, we had an amazing show with Rimac. Above all expectations, and we were frankly not quite prepared for all the interest from both dealers and end users. Without saying too much, let me just say that the future for Rimac looks extremely promising...

For me, the small manufacturers are the most interesting ones. I like the fact that these companies can move fast, be creative, artistic and run a business without too much politics involved. In fact, I firmly believe the future of automotive is shown by many of these small extreme brands, there's a revolution coming in the industry, and it will happen fast, especially within the EV sector. 

anyway, i digress, here are my favourite cars from the show in random order. 

Bugatti Chiron

Not the prettiest, not the most exotic car from a tech standpoint, BUT...My god, the car is well built. Fit, finish, carbon, craftmanship, tactile feel and perceived quality is just second to none; no one is even close. This is the benchmark in the industry, let there be no questions about it. At times it looks so perfect that it almost doesn't look real. This might not be a good thing for everyone, and maybe good news for Pagani and Koenigsegg. While I'm no expert, I do know a little bit of what it takes to build a car and how hard it is, and I tip my hat to Bugatti! 

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RUF CTR Yellowbird

One of the coolest cars on the show for me, and an impressive engineering effort from RUF. When these guys do something, the do it right and with excellent engineering and quality. It might not be the glitziest most exciting car to look at in all its understated glory, but I am confident RUF has made a high tech driving instrument for the concerning connoisseur drivers among us.   The car has a full carbon monocoque with steel crash structures and integrated steel roll cage plus a  full carbon body. Although it looks like a Porsche 964, it actually has longer wheelbase and RUFs very cleverly engineered pushrod suspension with double wishbones. The car is powered by a 3,6 litre Porsche based water-cooled engine that produces 700 HP hauling around only 1200 Kg..and it has a manual...this thing is bound to be a lot of fun, proper fast and have RUFs legendary reliability built into it! 

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Aston Martin Valkyrie

Probably the car of the show for me...and many others! It's almost unbelievable that a mainstream luxury/sports brand like Aston Martin actually decides to manufacture a car like this into production. The thing looks absolutely mental and literally screams race car. Standing close to it makes my heart beat faster, and it intimidates me slightly....just what supercars used to be all about! 

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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhouse SCG003 C

I have had my eye on this brand for a few years and found it fascinating from day one. I have always liked its function before looks purposeful design,  and the engineering and build quality looks very impressive and highly developed. Very impressed by it, just wish they could make some more cars! 

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Fittipaldi Motors EF7 

One of the surprises at the Geneva show. I really like the design and dimension. Sure, its a 1000 Kg gentleman's track special with a screaming 600 HP V8, but I wonder if they are not planning more for this car...?? 

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Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder

Not the most technologically advanced, nor the fastest...But I still love Spyker. Having driven quite a few, they have never failed to excite me and put a smile on my face. They really feel unique and exotic. I love the slightly quirky styling, its almost bordering on art and with the new Koenigsegg powerplant, Spyker finally got the bespoke engine needed to make the whole car a rather bespoke affair which I love. The future looks great for Spyker. 

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